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Jason McCoy reviewed Seigler's Karate Center
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Had my first one on one student training tonight, my instructor was Top notch and very well versed in his craft ..looking forward to next Monday and obtaining my White belt and continuing my climb to Black belt

Christian Page reviewed Seigler's Karate Center
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I have been doing Isshinryu Karate for several years under Master Reese Rigby in Dover DE. I was pretty good at it, but it wasn't what I wanted in terms of martial arts. I recently began at Seigler's and let me tell you, it is more than I could hope for. With my karate background, I expected to come in to MMA class, kick off the shoes and throw some flashy kicks. I was wrong! Mr. Seigler started us off with a wrestling stance drill, and it completely wore my legs out, and I was completely out of breath. The class can really show you just where you are at in terms of cardio, flexibility, and endurance. I left that class feeling completely exhausted and I thought to myself, I gotta do this again. Seigler's Karate Center is amazing. The faculty is super polite and extremely helpful, and so far I have not met any students that weren't welcoming or helpful. I strongly recommend this place.

Jasmine Sams Brown reviewed Seigler's Karate Center
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Today, my 3 year old did not want to participate in class. He was crying, and my thoughts were to just take him home. Right before I called him back the instructor came over. She asked him to be her helper, and about 2 minutes later he was with the other children practicing. All of the instructor are great with children.

Javier E Badillo reviewed Seigler's Karate Center
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SKC has been part of our kids training for about 3 years and it has become our second house. This is our second family and everyone of the staff members will make you feel that way. The ability to communicate, teach and send the message to little ones is incredible. The instructors are well experienced. There are different programs and there are different martial arts style from Kempo, Kickboxing, MMA and Brazilian Jujitsu. I really recommend SKC for any and ages!!!

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3 Reasons Why YOU Should Train MMA

Have you ever wondered why people would step onto a mat and learn how to fight? Is it just for fun or is there a reason why? Today we are going to talk about why you, yes YOU, should train in Mixed Martial Arts. Discipline, stress relief, and overall better physical fitness are all key essentials on why you should train in MMA. These 3 reasons will help you understand the benefits of MMA and learning how to live a better and healthier life.


As with any type of Martial Arts, MMA will teach you how to develop Discipline. Now you might be thinking “I have plenty of discipline”. Discipline in MMA is more than waking up on time or finishing a household project. It’s learning how to set a goal and actually follow through and achieve it. Whether it’s getting your kicks higher, increasing power with your punches, or competing, it requires constant practice, attention, and self-discipline in your training.

Stress Relief

After a long day of work and dealing with many things in life that are beyond your control, can come a lot of stress. When stress comes, multiple things will follow, like anger and bitterness. If you hold it in, it will build up and grow stronger until it takes over. In MMA, learning how to take all of your stresses and focus them into your training will give you relief. In the aftermath of training, there is simply no room for it in your body. It will drip off of you like your sweat. However, it takes time learning how to control it and use it in your technique.

Physical Fitness

Mixed Martial Arts is a blend of different styles and techniques of the martial arts, and is not focused on one aspect, like boxing, where the focus is in your punches.  MMA requires every aspect of your body working together to accomplish the job at hand. It includes your whole body working at once, and will give multiple exercises which will help you become physically fit. This intense workout will not only help you become mean and lean, but will also help develop strength and agility.

Mixed Martial Arts is a great way to develop discipline skills, learn how to control emotions, and overall be in great shape. So the question is when will you give it a try? Just like any other sport it will be not be easy getting started. It takes time and dedication. However, in the end you will not regret it when the results show how much you have accomplished.

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