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Jason McCoy reviewed Seigler's Karate Center
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Had my first one on one student training tonight, my instructor was Top notch and very well versed in his craft ..looking forward to next Monday and obtaining my White belt and continuing my climb to Black belt

Christian Page reviewed Seigler's Karate Center
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I have been doing Isshinryu Karate for several years under Master Reese Rigby in Dover DE. I was pretty good at it, but it wasn't what I wanted in terms of martial arts. I recently began at Seigler's and let me tell you, it is more than I could hope for. With my karate background, I expected to come in to MMA class, kick off the shoes and throw some flashy kicks. I was wrong! Mr. Seigler started us off with a wrestling stance drill, and it completely wore my legs out, and I was completely out of breath. The class can really show you just where you are at in terms of cardio, flexibility, and endurance. I left that class feeling completely exhausted and I thought to myself, I gotta do this again. Seigler's Karate Center is amazing. The faculty is super polite and extremely helpful, and so far I have not met any students that weren't welcoming or helpful. I strongly recommend this place.

Jasmine Sams Brown reviewed Seigler's Karate Center
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Today, my 3 year old did not want to participate in class. He was crying, and my thoughts were to just take him home. Right before I called him back the instructor came over. She asked him to be her helper, and about 2 minutes later he was with the other children practicing. All of the instructor are great with children.

Javier E Badillo reviewed Seigler's Karate Center
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SKC has been part of our kids training for about 3 years and it has become our second house. This is our second family and everyone of the staff members will make you feel that way. The ability to communicate, teach and send the message to little ones is incredible. The instructors are well experienced. There are different programs and there are different martial arts style from Kempo, Kickboxing, MMA and Brazilian Jujitsu. I really recommend SKC for any and ages!!!

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Why Your 4 Year Old Needs Karate

Have you ever struggled with how to get your 4 year old to look at you in the eyes and pay attention for at least one part of the day? Have you struggled with getting them to actually do what you tell them to do? Let’s face it, these days in age kids do not have a good outlet for their hyperactivity and learning how to control themselves when doing different activities. Karate has been proven to help your child develop focus, respect, self-discipline, and teaching them how to control their energy! These 4 reasons will help you understand why your 4 year old needs Karate.


Child experts say that a normal child’s attention span is calculated by multiplying their age by anywhere between 2 to 4 minutes. Wait, let’s stop for a moment; so you might be saying “My 4 year old should be able to focus on a task for 16 whole minutes?!”. We all know that’s nearly impossible, or is it? Simply watch your child build something with Legos. They typically will stay focused, because it is something that they enjoy doing. In karate we teach our 4 year olds what focus means and they are also learning how to do it in something they love, like punching and kicking. However, learning how to understand the technique requires them to focus on the instructor. Therefore, if they can focus on the things they like to do, then we can make the so called “boring things” interesting for them to do.


Along with focus, respect follows as well. Wonder why you can’t get your 4 year old to do things the first time they are told?  It’s a must for all kids to show respect and to actually follow through and do the things they are told to do. This is an important issue that we address in Karate. When your 4 year old starts with little things in karate like throwing a punch when told, or saying “Yes Sir! or Yes Ma’am!” consistently, it will eventually take place at home and even at school. It’s the little things that lead to the big picture, especially with 4 year olds. If you give a child a big task to do, most likely they will forget many steps, so we start with the little steps.



Now that we know how students develop respect in Martial Arts, how in the world do they start doing things on their own? In karate we call this the 0 Rule, to do things without being told to do them. Ultimately, no one can force 4 year olds to do things on their own. They have to make their own decisions to do what they know is right. This is what our students strive for, making the correct decisions on whether it’s waiting in line, waiting for their turn, or spinning in a circle. As with Respect, if they can make the little decisions, then they can make the big ones, like cleaning their room or even brushing their teeth on their own.

Energy Control

Finally, all 4 year olds are like little balls of energy spiraling out of control. The question I get from parents all the time is “ How do I control this energy?”.  We teach them to learn how to focus that energy into their karate techniques. Using power and speed with their punches and kicks helps use their energy. There is no way to simply make all of that energy go away or make them be calm, but it can be transferred to something else so it does not get out of control. This is another great skill that takes time to develop that karate will definitely help with.

These 4 reasons are exactly why your 4 year old needs karate. If they start learning these skills young, when they are older it will not be as difficult to use these skills effectively. So why not give it a try? Karate is a great start. I guarantee you will not regret it!

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