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Mr. Tommy Seigler

Founder and Owner

Professor Tommy Seigler is the founder and owner of Seigler’s Karate Center in Augusta, GA. His illustrious career as a professional instructor, competitor, visionary, and most important, student of the arts has spanned 50+ years.

Mr. Seigler started training in martial arts at the young age of 14 after being bullied in school. Although martial arts wasn’t popular at the time, Mr. Seigler made it his mission to learn the art of Kempo Karate under Professor Albert Church out of Charleston, SC in the late 1970's.

He knew that martial arts would forever be a part of his life and he has made it his mission to learn as much as possible and then help change others lives with what he learned. In 1982 he opened his first martial arts school in the Augusta, GA area.

Now, after over 30+ years of hard work Mr. Seigler owns one of the most successful martial arts schools in the nation.He is a 10th Degree Black Belt in Tetsushin Budo and has Black Belts in multiple disciplines of martial arts including Karate, Kickboxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and more.

He believes in leading his team on a mission to change lives through martial arts and to build leaders in our community.

Mrs. Jennifer Seigler Waters

Executive Sensei

Jennifer Waters is the Executive Sensei of Seigler’s Karate Center, the daughter of Tommy Seigler and wife to Head Sensei, Titus Waters.

Mrs. Jennifer, as her students call her, has grown up in the martial arts world, starting her training at the early age of 3! Now, Mrs. Jennifer leads her team of instructors and staff at SKC to help change lives on a daily basis!

Additionally, she is an avid athlete and has earned a 5th Degree Kempo Karate Black Belt and is a Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Professor Carlos Machado. 

She also is the IKF US Amateur Kickboxing Champion and is now a professional kickboxer and MMA fighter. Although she is a well established martial artist, her passion lies in helping others succeed at changing their life through martial arts.

Mrs. Lisa Corley

Chief of Operations

Lisa Corley is from Evans, Georgia. When her son enrolled as a Lil Dragon at SKC, she was so impressed by the positive and family-friendly atmosphere that she wanted to experience learning martial arts herself! The training buddies and friends she made in her classes soon had her falling in love with SKC too.

She started working at SKC at the front desk in 2013 and is now the Chief Operating Officer. Lisa firmly believes that joining SKC is the best decision you will make - it has certainly been life-changing for her!

Mr. Titus Waters

Head Sensei

Titus Waters started practicing martial arts at the ripe age of 18 and has been in the game ever since. He fell in love with SKC right away--the first experience that made him love it was seeing how the Instructors cared for students. He is a 4th degree Black Belt in Kempo a Brown Belt in BJJ and a Head Instructor, so he knows what he’s talking about!

He met Jennifer Waters (Mr. Seigler’s daughter)and they got married soon after. Titus started working at SKC in 2007, and he believes that you should start martial arts now, no matter your age or experience. It’s never too late to learn something new!

Mr. Daniel Corley

Senior Sensei

When Daniel Corley was referred to join SKC as a kindergartner, he had no idea the discipline and better life he was about to embark on. Now a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kempo and a Brown Belt in BJJ, Daniel has been with SKC since 2016 and is currently a Senior Instructor. He firmly believes that joining SKC will be the best decision you make in your life. With Mr. Daniel's help, you'll become stronger physically and mentally - just like him!

Ms. Cameron Corley

Senior Success Coach

Cameron Corley is originally from Evans GA, but found her home at SKC in 2015. After seeing her brother and mom start training, she soon began working at the front desk and quickly rose through the ranks.

She is now a Senior Success Coach and believes that SKC is the best way for you to achieve your goals with a support system that feels like family. When she's not helping people achieve their fitness goals, Cameron enjoys reading, playing with her dogs, and watching re-runs of Friends.

Mrs. Cali Wood

Senior Success Coach

Cali Wood is a force to be reckoned with. This martial artist from Queens, New York, found her love for kicking at first try when she attended a kickboxing trial class back in 2014. What started as an innocent invitation from a friend soon turned into something much more; Cali was hooked on the community atmosphere and supportive environment of SKC.

Today, she holds a 2nd degree black belt in Kempo, a Blue belt in BJJ and a Brown Belt in Kickboxing. She's been with SKC since 2017 and now serves as Senior Success Coach. When she's not helping others achieve their goals through martial arts, you can find her giving back to her community through volunteering or spending time with family and friends.

Success Coach Team

Our Success Coach team members are here to cheer you on towards success at SKC. They are dedicated to helping each and every student achieve their goals, whether it be attending classes, signing up for events, or registering for make-up classes.

You can always count on them to be the friendly faces you see when you walk in our door every week, ready to provide guidance and support along your journey. With their unwavering commitment to your success, you can be confident that you have a team of champions in your corner, pushing you towards greatness.

Let's work together with our Success Coaches to create a path to success and achieve your dreams!

Apprentice and Assistant Instructor Team

At our dojo, we believe in the power of community and the importance of training up the next generation of leaders. That's why our Assistant and Apprentice instructors are more than just helpers - they are valuable members of our team who work alongside our senior and head sensei's to ensure that no student is left behind.

Our instructors are passionate about helping students develop their martial arts skills, both as individuals and as a group. You can always count on our team to provide a kind and friendly atmosphere, where your children will feel comfortable and motivated to learn. With our assistant and apprentice instructors guiding the way, your child will have the opportunity to not only improve their martial arts abilities, but also to become a leader themselves.


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